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December 11th, 2008 Comments off

I just finished all my finals and school projects so I am hoping to move into personal projects now, mainly Zymotic and the XNA game. TopHatRabbit was finished for the software engineering class, but I think I am going to convert it to XNA 3.0, along with the updated physics library, then try a new game under the same engine, something more puzzle based, some small game to get on the Xbox community game listings.

Anyway here are some shots of Tophatrabbit currently, two ingame and one in the level editor:




It runs fine on xbox now, and actually the cursor is easier to control with the gamepad rather than mouse, you keep track of it easier I find.

As for Zymotic, it’s a bit harder to get the project started again, after restarting it so many times, but the goal is to just release a small public alpha and let (hopefully) a community help develop it. I really have no idea what path it will take though.

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