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Darkplaces video

January 22nd, 2010 Comments off

I just wanted to show off this:

It’s a video I made a few years ago showing off features of the Darkplaces engine (Quake1 based engine used for Nexuiz, developed almost entirely by LordHavoc).

I made it over the span of a few months, recording clips of original Quake1 levels with real time lighting / shadowing, along with some replacement texture packs made by the community.

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New Dev blog

January 22nd, 2010 No comments

I tend to only update this blog when I have something to show, usually a video or some screens of a latest project. Hopefully I’ll be able to change that at some point. So rather than using this blog for Alientrap projects I’ve created an Alientrap development blog:

It’ll be updated by me for news on Capsized development, and by a few Nexuiz developers for news on Nexuiz releases and community content (new maps, mods, podcasts). Hopefully I’ll be able to update it regularly with Capsized news, with a game like Capsized the only way to market it successfully is to keep people updated and interested, constantly reminding them and having a very open development. Right now I’ve basically released no Capsized info other than a teaser trailer, so hopefully that will change in the next few months.

I’ll still try to post on here regularly, maybe make it more for other personal projects.

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