April 13th, 2017

Zymotic was another open source Darkplaces based game project I started after Nexuiz in 2007. The idea was to create a commercial single player project, but the gameplay was never really defined. If development of it had been open from the beginning, without commercial plans, I think it would have been very successful as a single player GPL project alongside Nexuiz. The ideas behind the project began even before Nexuiz, and Nexuiz was started as a smaller project to release before attempting Zymotic.

It had a very large sci fi story background to it which I liked, and also a very large amount of concept art produced after Nexuiz was finished. The main hook of the gameplay was it’s RTS elements. I wanted it to be a very open FPS game where you were attacking a RTS style single enemy. So as the single player character, you would have to take on a large army of enemies being directed and controlled by an single AI. This AI would have resources like an RTS game, they would build construction yards and such, and have to devise attack plans and strategies against fighting the player. So the player’s plans to defeat the enemy might be to take out resources (such as a mining spot), or focus on destroying the construction yards before moving on to the enemies defenses. It was also meant to be a very COOP game, open world and non linear, so the player would be fighting alongside 3-4 other players against a single powerful AI.

Indievania is an online marketplace for indie games. I started this site as a response to trying to sell Capsized online and having a horrible time with non-Steam PC distributors. They all took a very high percentage of revenue based on the service they provided – their sites were horribly designed, their game submission process was really inefficient, and I couldn’t stand how they paid developers (they’d send you sales reports every month and then you’d have to invoice them, and usually it would have to be over a certain amount to be paid). I decided there needed to be a site that allowed a game developer to sell games quickly, with very little headaches and problems, and retain their profits. So I started Indievania development about a month after Capsized was released, and opened up the beta November 2012.
The main difference between Indievania and other marketplaces, was that customers were buying games directly from the developer’s Paypal account. Indievania just handled the hosting, and took no fees (the site made money by letting customers add a donation to the developer/site, which was split 50/50, which actually meant Indievania made on average about 5-10% of every sale).
The site had over 400 indie games for sale (February 2013), but now registration is closed. I closed registration since I felt the Humble Store and Itch.io is a better option for indie devs to sell their games, since a number of things were needed to make Indievania as good of an option as them (better integration with developer’s websites mainly)

Darkplaces Quake1 video
Not a game project, just a video I made as my ‘ode to Quake’. Music is one of my favorite NIN songs, ‘downward spiral’


The horrible precusor to Capsized! I started this for a software engineering class, it was designed to just be a simple side scroller using a 2d physics engine, basically just FPS type gameplay in a side scroller. I am keeping the video here mostly as a comparison to what Capsized has become, which started on TopHatRabbit’s codebase

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