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May 14th, 2010

Google used Nexuiz to show off their Native Client project:


Nexuiz is shown at the end of the video. I couldn’t find any information on them releasing the ported source, but it wouldn’t matter with the project being so early and unused.

In other news, Capsized is now in a semi-public play testing phrase. The game is basically done except for the last level (waiting on the artist to get back from Italy next month to finish it), and I might redo the first training level to be more cinematic and better for a first impression. At this point I am interested to hear some first impressions on the game. I am hoping to get play testers who are experienced in the indie games scene and know the marketplace for games like this, unlike the sort of retro gamers and such I was searching for before.

I’ll also be doing a local play testing session at the University of Saskatchewan. Again I’d like to use this mainly to see first impressions, and how people feel at first about the controls. I doubt a person gives more than 2-3 minutes on a trial game before giving up, so it’s important that the game doesn’t demand too much from the user too early.

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