July 7th, 2016

Nexuiz was a game project I started around 2002, using the GPL Quake1 based Darkplaces engine by Forest ‘LordHavoc’ Hale (who co-designed the Nexuiz project with me). It was Alientrap’s first project, and after a few years of development we released the game completely GPL (data and code) in May of 2005. All development was done online, with no budget. Downloaded over a hundred thousand times in its first month of release, and since then has had over 3 million downloads (on sourceforge alone, also has been distributed heavily on Linux distros due to it’s license).

I was the manager of the project, lead designer, and a programmer throughout it’s development until version 1.5, when I decided to let other (more talented) developers take over my place.

Nexuiz Wikipedia page


Nexuiz Website
SourceForge Download Statistics
Player Statistics

Nexuiz Slashdot posts:
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As mentioned in the last two Slashdot posts, in 2009 the rights to the Nexuiz game were purchased by the California based company Illfonic, who began to port the game to the PS3 for a PSN release.

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