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April 7th, 2009 1 comment

Nexuiz 2.5 is now out, still increasing in quality dramaticly with every new release. I am not an active developer anymore, so none of the credit for it’s current quality should go to me, but it’s still nice to see my previous work be developed upon.

I also did a podcast interview on Nexuiz for a new site called OpenGamingNow, you can hear that here. He edited out a few of my fairly bad answers,

Apparently Nexuiz is also on TV. A while ago two Canadian TV series contacted me also about using Nexuiz in some of their shows. I gave permission for Flashpoint, and a show called Being Erica (called ‘The Session’ at that point). They gave me the episode numbers, and just said it would show it the background. I completely forgot about it till someone mentioned they saw Nexuiz on the Flashpoint show. I uploaded it to youtube here, it looks like they made an entire arcade setup for it, but didn’t really show it off for more than a few seconds. Being Erica also used it in one episode, but they never focused on it, I only knew it was Nexuiz due to the music in the background.

Nexuiz on flashpoint:

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Old Nexuiz video

March 11th, 2009 Comments off

I just wanted to show this off:

An old video made by a Texas marketing company for GameStop when Nexuiz was used in their stores for a competition. I think for around 4-5 months it was placed in 8 cities across the US. I was contracted to write the interface for the kiosk, which included a registration process and high score lists (Nexuiz was played by each person for about 2 minutes, with scores based on how much damage they had done).

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Zymotic Video

January 27th, 2009 Comments off

Zymotic is amazingly not dead, I’ve released a video of the gameplay in one of the levels:

Zymotic Website

The game is pretty fun, but currently filled with placeholder art and Nexuiz graphics/sounds. I am posting this video now and showing it to the Nexuiz community because I plan to open up Zymotic development, create a public SVN where anyone can download and test it, and accept many developers to work on the SVN. It’ll be interesting to see how well a very open development works, if it needs strict design and leadership or if there can be some initiative to make some progress.
I still have to fix some annoyances with the current version then I’ll open up the SVN,

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January 14th, 2009 Comments off

Using the same side scroller engine as the TopHatRabbit project, I am starting a new XNA project with an artist friend of mine. The game will be called Capsized, a sidescroller action game, mostly done just to add to our portfolios once we both graduate. Usually my game projects are filled with placeholder art, and a random cluster of art styles (um, Nexuiz for example), so it’ll be nice for once to deal with a dedicated artist. And also spending time programming game logic, rather than having to deal with quake1 legacy code and managing some large team,

Here is some concept art, hopefully I’ll have a video to post soon:

Space Guy

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various projects

December 11th, 2008 Comments off

I just finished all my finals and school projects so I am hoping to move into personal projects now, mainly Zymotic and the XNA game. TopHatRabbit was finished for the software engineering class, but I think I am going to convert it to XNA 3.0, along with the updated physics library, then try a new game under the same engine, something more puzzle based, some small game to get on the Xbox community game listings.

Anyway here are some shots of Tophatrabbit currently, two ingame and one in the level editor:




It runs fine on xbox now, and actually the cursor is easier to control with the gamepad rather than mouse, you keep track of it easier I find.

As for Zymotic, it’s a bit harder to get the project started again, after restarting it so many times, but the goal is to just release a small public alpha and let (hopefully) a community help develop it. I really have no idea what path it will take though.

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